AC-Clamp Type SH Safety for DIN11864-3

Material: AISI 316 stainless steel (equiv. 1.4408)

suitable for ferrules and blanks according to DIN 11864-3/DIN 11853-3

Type SB = Singlebolt (1 Bolt – 1 Hinge)

For flange
Ø in mm

DIN 32676 sched. C /
ISO 2852

DIN 32676 sched. B /
ISO 1127

DIN 32676 sched A

Max. Working
Pressure @ 150° C
Max. Test
Weight (g)

Order No.
Order No.

25,0 mm1/4" - 3/4"08-1006-0820100150100005100006SB
34,0 mm10-15-2020100170100105100106SB
50,5 mm1" - 1 1/2"15-20-2525-32-4020100250100205100206SB
64,0 mm2"32-405020100330100305100306SB
77,5 mm2 1/2"5020100380100405100406SB
91,0 mm3"65651995440100505100507SB
106,0 mm3 1/2"80801785440100605100606SB
119,0 mm4"1001470570100705100707SB
130,0 mm4 1/2"1001365600100905100908SB

Further information and images

AC-Clamp Type SH Safety (Animation)
AC-Clamp Type SH Safety (Animation)


The ‘gate‘ style section combined with the stepped eyebolt ensures that the clamps bolting mechanism cannot swing open whilst the clamping union is partly or fully assembled.

Releasing the clamp is only possible when the wing nut has been significantly loosened to enable the smaller diamter of the eyebolt to swing open and pass through the sectioned gate; this ensures the clamp cannot be knocked or accidentally opened.

Complete wing- /or hexnut removal is not necessary to open the clamp but the design
guarantees that the eyebolt cannot swing open whilst the union is subjected to either clamping forces or internal pressure.

It is not possible to open the clamp by accident. Thus this clamp fulfils the safety requirements of numerous end-users in the chemical-, pharameceutical- and food industry. These clamps are available in all common sizes.

Available Certificate: Certificate of Compliance Certificate EN10204 – 2.1