Customs Tariff Numbers

stahlcon-zollCurrently we are using the following Customs Tariff Numbers::

Tariff Number: 7326 9098
Description of goods: Articles of iron or steel, n.e.s.
Our Product Group: Cast Clamps, V-Clamps, Bandclamps, Pipe Clips, Clamp Collar

Tariff Number: 7307 2100 90
Description of goods: Flanges of stainless steel (excl. cast products)
Our Product Group: Ferrules, Hose-Tails, Hose-Fittings, Thread-Adaptor, Reducers etc. (Stainless steel turned parts)

Tariff Number: 7307 2980 90
Description of goods: Tube or pipe fittings of stainless steel (excl. cast, threaded, butt welding fittings and flanges)
Our Product Group: Blanks

Tariff Number: 4016 9300
Description of goods: Gaskets, washers and other seals, of vulcanised rubber (excl. hard rubber and those of cellular rubber)
Our Product Group: all Gaskets except the HiTemp-Gaskets made of Mica

Tariff Number: 6814 9000
Despription of goods: Worked mica and articles of mica
Our Product Group: exclusive for HiTemp-Gaskets made of Mica