New: Hexagon Flat Nut for all cast clamps

In our efforts to continually improve our products we are introducing a change to the Domed Hexagon Nut used to tighten our range of cast clamps Type S, SH, and ST. These nuts are used to replace the Wing Nut in certain applications. The existing Domed Hexagon Nut, we currently supply, will become obsolete to be replaced by the NEW Hexagon Flat Nut.

Hexagon Domed Nut Detail (contact points shown in red)

SH clamp with domed nut domed hexagon nut
SH clamp with domed nut domed hexagon nut

The Hexagon Flat Nut has the following advantages over the Domed Hexagon Nut: The contact point of the hexagon flat nut is only on the face of the clamp segment. This means the force is applied solely to a plane parallel to the nut  face. This has benefits over the domed hexagon nut which has a contact point inside the legs of the clamp segment. In addition to the above, galling tends to be reduced as the thread at the tip of the nut is not deformed.

This often results in a tighter thread which has been seen on multiple clamps. The hexagon flat nut also maintains the perpendicularity of the thread to the clamp body. This reduces the off collinear misalignment of the thread further reducing the tendency to gall.

Hexagon Flat Nut Detail (contact points shown in red) 

SH clamp with flat hexagon nut
SH clamp with flat hexagon nut

All styles of our cast clamps S, SH und ST up to 5’’ (Ferrule OD 144,4mm) will be successively supplied with the Hexagon Flat Nut.

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