3.1 Certificates for turned parts originating from China

Important information

The 3.1 certificates that we received from China are currently being revised.

This concerns blind covers, flanges, hose nozzles and thread adapters according to DIN32676 as well as blind covers, grooved and flanged clamping flanges to DIN11864-3. Furthermore, some special parts they manufactures for us. This involves several hundred certificates and an independent Chinese testing company is involved.
We have a commitment from China that the revised certificates will be available by the end of March 2024.

At the end of March 2024, we will put the revised certificates back in the download area of our website.
Until the revised certificates are available, we can only offer a 2.2 certificate.

Please let us know if you can accept the components without a 3.1 certificate. The parts are in stock and will be delivered after your approval.

Our other products are not affected by the problem and will be delivered as usual.

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